You probably have tons of questions.  It's your first time, we get it!  While we couldn't possibly answer every question that you might have on page, we tried to compile a list of the most common questions we get asked.

Do I have to pay my real estate agent (Buyer)?

Not usually.  You will sign an agency agreement with your real estate agent to represent you.  In this agreement, you will agree to pay your agent a specific amount (usually a percentage of the sale price) IF the seller does not agree to pay the agent's fee.  Almost every transaction results in the seller paying your agents fee!

Will the HOA cover repairs if I purchase a condo?

No.  This all depends on the specific HOA agreement, but the majority of HOA's only cover items outside of your condo.

How does my credit score impact my mortgage?

Your credit score is only one portion of the mortgage application process.  Lenders look at your entire application to determine if you are a worthy applicant.  Generally, your credit score will impact the interest rate you receive, but not necessarily your ability to secure a mortgage.

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